The most complete ear training app on the market.

A music school in your pocket: Ear training exercises for all levels covering intervals, scales, chords, harmony and much more!
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Extensive content
The Ear Gym provides exercises for intervals, scales, chords, harmony, clefs, perfect pitch and many more
Unparalleled Sound Quality
4 octaves of actual high quality recorded grand piano sounds.
Stuning design
Clear, easy to use and beatiful user interface

Feature Highlights

Exercise variety

A big variation of exercises are available such as singing, reading, recognition, comparison, construction etc..


Detailed statistics of the users performance are provided after each session


Compete with people all over the world and show off your skills by entering your score on a global ranking


All the exercises are configurable and a big variation of configurations are provided


The Ear Gym app is available in different languages such as English, German, Portuguese, Spanish or Italian

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